Website Policy

Service hours (Business Hour)

  • Order service through the website 24 hours a day.
  • The website has a payment system via money transfer. A credit card that offers high buyer security. and pay on delivery
  • If you would like to call for additional information, please contact during business hours, business hours 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri., except Saturday-Sunday. and public holidays after 5:30 p.m., please inquire via facebook or email
  • The company will answer your questions within 24 hours after receiving the message.

Shipping Policy (Delivery Policy)

  • Products that are in stock and ready for sale, the store will deliver the products within approximately 24 hours using express delivery services EMS and Kerry.
  • Delivery time is 3:00 p.m. every day, Mon.-Fri. If you order After this time we will send the product the next day.
  • We will deliver the products with special express delivery service EMS and Kerry. You will receive the shipping information code via E-mail that was notified in the order.
  • Product value less than 1,500 baht per order. Shipping value will be calculated based on delivery distance and product weight.

Free shipping.

  • Order value per time is more than 1,000 baht
  • For orders worth less than 1,000 baht, delivery value will be calculated based on delivery distance and weight.

 Delivery time</ span>

Products will begin shipping only once payment has been confirmed. It will take no more than 3 -7 days to deliver. If you have not received the product within 7 days, please contact the service staff on the Contact Us page or  Call: 02-7217373

Return Policy (Return Policy)

  • Products can be exchanged and returned. Only in the case that the product does not match the details of the product ordered. Please inspect and return the product within 7 days, no charge.
  • Products damaged during delivery. We reserve the right to accept returns. But we are happy to provide repair services and charge only the cost of labor, shipping and necessary materials.
  • Returned products must be in perfect condition. There is no damage to the entire product. and the packaging
  • Externally damaged products. Does not affect use The company reserves the right to exchange or return products.
  • The company reserves the right to change Return products that do not meet the above conditions.
  • Other events Please contact the service staff.

Privacy Policy

Please read and understand the privacy policy before registering for membership to use the website. For your highest benefit Our company recognizes the importance of your personal information. The company promises to keep your information as confidential as possible.

  1. General information of members
    The company will collect first and last name information. Current address Email address Telephone number Your mobile phone number, gender, age, occupation, personal interests and other basic information when you register to become a member. Once the entire registration process has been completed, you will have all rights to become a member of the website, including: Receive news, special privileges and participate in various promotional activities on the website.
  2. Cookies 
    Cookies are small pieces of information that will be sent to your browser to store information about visiting websites. The Company may store cookies to store information about. Visitors to the website evaluate website visitors and check the frequency of visits to the website. If you do not want cookies to be placed in your browser, you can choose to reject cookies.
  3. Collection of member information
    The company will collect personal information and other information of members for the purpose of developing the website and analyzing data to select the most appropriate products and services for members.
  4. Disclosure of member information
    The company will keep your personal information confidential. In the event that it is necessary to disclose information to the public, the company will ask for your permission first.
  5. Caution
    You are the only person who has access to the password for using the website. The Company recommends that you keep your Login Name and Password secret and logout every time before leaving the website because data transmission over the internet is not systematic. Guaranteeing perfect security, the company cannot guarantee the safety of sending and receiving your information, but will maintain the best possible security every time the transmission of information occurs.
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